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Vacation: Part 3

This is our final installation of Roadtrip: Yellowstone. These are just a few highlights/snap shots from the trip.

Caters of the Moon, Idaho

We came across this place by accident, really. After driving well into the evening, we stopped here to use the restrooms but since we arrived after hours, everything was closed. We drove back on the road a little ways, found a dirt road bending around a hill and set up camp. First thing the next morning, we were up and on our way to Craters of the Moon. So much lava!

Weird note though, all of the placards on the walking trails are downers. Every one of them has a negative tone.

When we finally made it to Yellowstone (after the bear scare), we stopped by Old Faithful. If an amusement park was nature themed, Yellowstone is it. So many tourists; I think we saw more people than animals.

After we saw the geysers, the waterfalls, and the beauty, we made the long trek back home. We had less than 24 hours to unload/load and restock the truck for another few nights of camping, this time down in Eugene, OR with family. This camping trip was on a lake and we had a boat in our party... so for Meg's first time, she was pulled behind the boat on an inner tube (joined by Carrie). März went out on his own and at first it seemed sketch, but he handled it like a pro.

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